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Addiction Treatment Programs

Foundations - Substance Use Program

We offer a psycho-educational 6 Week Mental Health and Addiction Program. The goal is to gain insight, skills and coping mechanisms to help assist with the challenge of managing the impact of mental health and addiction on a daily bases

At Shilton Therapy, provides the highest level of outpatient alcohol and drug treatment. The Foundations Program typically consists of 6 sessions. Within a short period of time. Live at home, continue to work, go to school or attend to life’s needs. This program is designed to explore common struggles in recovery, learning to recognize, coping and practice skills learned in session. Exploration of alternative therapies and coping skills to widen the recovery tool box. Post treatment after-care extensions options available to create success in recovery.

Treatment is in-network for many insurance providers, making it a readily accessible addiction treatment program option.

The next session commences - please contact for next intake date.

For more information please contact.

Rattled Roads - Family Program of Substance Users

 Addiction is a family disease that is devastating in its results.  The consequences of substance use effects everyone surrounding the individual battling addiction - spouses, children, brothers, sisters, friends and loved ones.  The hardship in relationships are progressive to isolation, extend to unhealthy behaviours; creating reactions for which are chaotic, unpredictable and alarming. 

 This program is to support the loved ones of those whom struggle with substance use.  This program is designed to explore what addiction is, relationships, family dynamics,  explore coping skills, setting boundaries and to examine the question "why?". 

At Shilton Therapy, our long term goal is to assist all affected by substance use.  We provide effective, compassionate and understanding to those whom battle.  We work together with families to support in creating boundaries, and following through on creating a healthy life for our loved ones and ourselves. 

This program will consist of 3 sessions via Zoom.  

For more information please contact.

Elleten Addiction Recovery

Elleten Recovery Manor

Elleten Recovery Manor set apart from other inpatient and residential programs?

Addiction is a difficult disease to endure, and it’s even more difficult to have the courage to overcome it. We have created our programming to give you all the tools you need to get back to sobriety. Elleten Recovery Manors' residential program offers a higher standard of substance use disorder treatment program. We only run 5 residential beds and 5 day client program on a quite section in Cochrane, Alberta. You’ll quickly understand how we create excellence in treatment at our facility.

We offer 30, 45 and 60 day treatment options along with different chamber selections.  Included in all of out programming, is up to 12 moths of post after care support.  Please visit our website for more information.

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